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'FOTO CIRCLE SOCIETY' is an organisation formed by a group of enthusiastic and active photographers in 1998, with motto - 'Together we progress'.

We have been working to provide platform to the amateur photographers from the rural and urban areas in Thane District. As such, Thane District has predominant rural areas.

Our activities involve arranging workshops for providing guidance to them through experienced photographers, presenting slide-shows and documentaries of great performers in the field to be with them during their difficult times and to help them solving their problems, conducting competitions and exhibitions of performances of amateurs and professionals with the help of Thane Municipal Corporation.

During the last two decades, we had opportunities to meet and have interaction and received guidance from many eminent photographers having national accrediting.

The list includes senior personalities like Adhik Shirodkar, Gopal Bodhe, Uddhav Thakare, Shyam Manchekar, Hemant Kothari, Mohan Wagh, Kakubhai,Vishal Bhende, Mohan Bane, Sudhakar Olwe, Nirbhay Patil, Dayaram Chawda, Hari Mohidhar, Bipin Mistry, Hira Punjabi, Vasudev Nibre and many others. This has immensely helped us to understand nexus between success and focused efforts.

Foto Circle Society has organised regular workshops and conducted classes for photography in the field of Industry, Newspapers, Fashions, Wild-life for the ametures in Thane District. We, earnestly feel that our organisation is unique in touching the lives of these performers adding value to their efforts through our various programs.

We have been celebrating the World-Photography Day on 19th August every year in unique style.

The tremendous response received from all the members and the visitors to our society during this period has encouraged us to expand our horizon and to reach all the enthusiastic photographers throughout Maharashtra.

We dream to conduct the photography competitions and exhibitions at National level in Maharashtra with your blessings.

We could think of such grand programme only due to active support received from you throughout the two decades.

You have encouraged us through your wishes, your pat on your back and your money in our kitty.

We are confident that all of us will make this maiden attempt successful with your involvement and participation of Thane Municipal Corporation.

Looking forward for your step forward.