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Rules & Regulations:-

1. Competition is restricted to Indian citizens only.

2. Participants can submit maximum of 4 entries per section in as many categories as they wish. *(District level section “RAIN” is open for residents of newly formed THANE district of Maharashtra State only).

3. Images for each section should be uploaded through the below-mentioned link only, and no entries will be accepted through any other mode - viz. prints, soft copies through mails, or physical media like CD/DVD/pen drives, etc.

4. Submission link : http:// (will open on 15 August 2018)

5. Link will be deactivated after the last date of submission and no entries will be accepted after that.

6. If the entries do not reach Foto Circle Society (FCS) due to any kind of technical fault, FCS shall not be held responsible.

7. As mentioned above, entry fee should be paid only by online bank transfer. Transfer details (transaction number/UTR number) must be emailed to us,
along with the participant's name & entry details on the following email ID – – On or before 25th Sept 2018, 23:59 hrs.

8. Entries received without entry-fee shall get disqualified automatically.

9. Though extreme care shall be taken by Foto Circle Society, it shall not be liable for any refund of entry fees / compensation due to loss, damage, non-receipt or withdrawal of any entry.

10. Participant must possess the exclusive rights to every photo entered and will be responsible for having all necessary permissions relating to the subject/subject matter, including photos featuring individuals/property. FCS will not be responsible for any claims or complaints against violation of rights or damages from any parties related to it. The participant agrees to indemnify and hold the FCS harmless in such cases. In case of any dispute, participant shall submit the obtained permissions; else the entry shall be considered as disqualified. The participant is solely responsible for any such damages.

11. Entries with watermark will not be accepted.

12. Objectionable pictures portraying nudity OR political references OR the pictures with threat to national security OR the pictures with the potential threat to communal armony OR the pictures outraging modesty of woman or children shall be considered for disqualification without any intimation to the participants.

13. Images taken on digital cameras or from negatives will be accepted. All pictures should be original. Cropping / corrections of brightness, contrast, sharpness, white balance to enhance the quality are permitted. Images with mixing / merging of two or more images, adding / deleting of the contents from the original image will be disqualified and rejected, except for Open sections- (Colour & Monochrome). In camera HDR, Focus Stacking and Multiple exposure images will not be accepted. If demanded/required, participants shall produce the original negative / digital soft copy for verification.

14. Participants permit the sponsors to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the exhibition. This may include low-resolution images being posted on a website. Permission to reproduce images in a catalogue or for publicity is assumed.

15. In the event that an entry is found to flout the entry requirements stated by the FCS, the entry will be disqualified. Participant will not be notified of such judgment and no refund will be given. It is not the responsibility of the FCS to ensure that the exhibition entry requirements and use of personal information do not break the laws and/or regulations of the place/location/state where the photograph is clicked.

16. Therefore, it is understood that participant has submitted such entries under their own responsibilities and at their own risk. In the event, that the entry becomes objectionable for the said reason/s, FCS will not be responsible for such damages.

17. Where necessary, FCS is liable to provide personal information of participant to local or any other authority.

18. In case of any conflict between a participant and FCS, the case will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Thane (District of Maharashtra) Court and will be handled and settled accordingly.

19. Mode of judging will be OPEN judging where judges rank the images in front of audience whilst images are displayed on HD television.

20. Only one entry per person, per section is eligible for award. If one person gets two or more prizes in the same section, participant will get prize for the highestranking picture only. (Is it applicable only for the first, second, third and two consolation prizes of each section and excluding medals).

21. If the same image is entered in different categories by the same participant, entry with the highest rank will be considered for display/award and that entry will be eligible for the Award in one section only.

22. If in top 5 prizes, any prize is given to a participant from Thane district, ‘Best Local Entry’ medal will not be given in that section.

23. Winners of Thane District Section must submit copy of Residence Proof & present the original document if demanded.

24. Shortlisted entries will be displayed at the exhibition.

25. To maintain the high standard of the exhibition, all entries may not be displayed. Judge’s decision will be final. No appeal will be entertained.

26. Due credit will be given for all shortlisted entries.

27. Printing of photos for exhibition will be the responsibility of FCS; however, FCS is not liable for differences like colour tone or contrast in the print.

28. In case of dispatch of the awards to the winners by courier, though Foto Circle Society shall take extreme care, it shall not be liable for any damage/loss of awards/ Certificates/ Medals/ Mementos, during transit.

29. Submission of the entries to the competition implies acceptance of the above Rules and Regulations.

30. All acceptances are eligible for statistics applicable to FIP.

31. In case of any dispute, organizer’s decision will be final.


Colour (Open):
Entries must originate as photographs (image-capture of objects via light sensitivity) made by the entrant, acquired digitally. By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as his/her own and permits the sponsors to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the exhibition. This may include low resolution posting on a website. The exhibition assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright. Images may be altered, either electronically or otherwise, by the maker and artwork or computer graphics created by the entrant may be incorporated.

Monochrome (Open):
A Monochrome image is defined as having varying shades of no more than one color (various shades of that color from very light to very dark) but it may be any single color. Multi-toned images (various shades of two or more colors) and grey scale images with added accent color are not acceptable in Monochrome class section and must be entered in Color class sections.

No selective coloring is allowed; however, a single color toned picture, such as sepia, is acceptable.

Travel photography is a genre of photography that may involve the documentation of an area's landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. A travel photo as an image that expresses the feeling of time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has no geographical limitations. This genre of photography entails shooting a wide variety of subjects under varied available conditions, e.g. low light photography, available ambient light photography for exteriors of buildings and monuments, shooting on the streets, capturing moments which rarely recur, capturing the magic of light while shooting landscapes, etc.

The story telling value of a photograph must be weighed more than the pictorial quality while maintaining high technical quality. Human elements shall not be present, except where those human elements are integral parts of the nature story such as nature subjects, like barn owls or storks, adapted to an environment modified by humans, or where those human elements are in situations depicting natural forces, like hurricanes or tidal waves. Scientific bands, scientific tags or radio collars on wild animals are permissible. photographs of human-created hybrid plants, cultivated plants, feral animals, domestic animals, or mounted specimens are ineligible, as is any form of manipulation that alters the truth of the photographic statement.

No techniques that add, relocate, replace, or remove pictorial elements except by cropping, dodging/burning are permitted. Techniques that enhance the presentation
of the photograph without changing the nature story or the pictorial content, or without altering the content of the original scene are permitted. Techniques that remove elements added by the camera, such as dust spots, digital noise, and film scratches, are allowed. Stitched images are not permitted. All allowed adjustments must appear natural. Color images can be converted to grey-scale monochrome. Infrared images, either direct-captures or derivations, are not allowed.

Images used in Nature Photography competitions may be divided in two classes: Nature and Wildlife. Images entered in Nature sections meeting the Nature Photography Definition above can have geologic formations, weather phenomena, and extant organisms as the primary subject matter. Images entered in Wildlife sections meeting the Nature Photography Definition above are further defined as one or more extant zoological or botanical organisms free and unrestrained in a natural or adopted habitat. Photographs of zoo or game farm animals, or of any extant zoological or botanical species taken under controlled conditions are not eligible in Wildlife sections. Wildlife is not limited to animals, birds and insects. Marine subjects and botanical subjects (including fungi and algae) taken in the wild are suitable wildlife subjects, as are carcasses of extant species.

Fresh water is an essential element for living and rain is an important source of fresh water. Pleasing rain can set a mood and furious rain can break the mood. Rain has many expressions. It could be romantic, happy, joyful, naughty, caring or even angry and ferocious. Participants are expected to submit the images; which effectively captures the mood of rain. Any image with the essence of monsoon season is eligible for the submission including pre monsoon and/or post monsoon feel. Image should reflect any of the expressions of rain.