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Street Photography

Sayali Ghotikar
Graduate from Sir J. J. School Of Arts in Advertising. Last 12 years engaged in Advertising. She is passionate about Photography, writing and painting.

Street Photography Sayali Ghotikar, Thane

Roaming around with my camera and photographing the streets is my hobby. There I get to see thousands of faces and meet the personalities behind them. It’s a whole new world waiting to be explored.

I think the real life is hidden in a common man’s life. These people don’t open up and talk easily, so I have to pick up a conversation, particularly, which interests them. I discuss the recipe of fish curry with a fisherwoman or inquire about the increasing rates of flowers with the garlands saleswoman on train. Sometimes I gift her same garland, which I purchase from her; and then they get talking. Bounds of formality fade away and they smile. Of course, I get to photograph their natural expressions! Every photograph, thus, reflects the beauty behind hard-wrinkled face. The wrinkled faces smile through their eyes, lovingly. An anonymous relation develops when an old strange vegetable hawker tells me to take care while traveling alone. Wavelengths match with the strangers.

Street Photography Sayali Ghotikar, Thane

These are the true people, without any masks. Their lives are never dazzling; hard work and anxiety are always at the subtext. But yet, they love to live. Their glittering eyes and smiling lips can teach a lot of things, which no university in the world can do, ever! They teach us to live, they teach us to smile! Many a times, when I am feeling blue, I get out there holding my camera; only to realize and revise this lesson. I am lucky because I learn from the people. Not just the skills and techniques of photography, but my whole life develops with every experience. Every experience teaches something new, something valuable.

These streets are alive! Colorful! Diversity of life walks here unified, and cultures go together hand in hand; right from the drunkards to the saints. I see the puerility of balloon sellers, shoe polishers and on the other hand I meet the businessmen and corporate. Thousands of faces to see and thousands of faces to meet! Street enriches my life by showing its colors, moods, expressions, drapes and characters. I wonder how colorful are the sarees of these vegetable hawkers and sometimes can’t stop staring at a kid lost in changing colors of pinwheels as they rotate with a breeze. I photograph a bhelwalla who is so lost in his work, never notices me, and I get very good candid pictures.

Street Photography Sayali Ghotikar, Thane

A mentally unstable woman on the street smiles at me, fixing her drape, when I ask her permission to click a photo. She gives a bagful of blessings for a pack of biscuits. Kids gather around for chocolates. A paanwalla gifts a toffee when I take his photo. I earn people and not just good shots.

Usually I visit the markets and bazaars when I am traveling, because I think they are the reflections of local culture. Bazaar represents the people and society. But simply visiting the place is not enough. One must go to the people, talk to them, interact with them and mingle with them to know them. And I love it!

I am grateful and obliged because these streets have polished so many facets of my personality. They have taught me to be bold, leaving behind that shy girl inside me. I learnt to communicate with people and to myself, broadening my thoughts. I admit, all the experiences are not good, but they teach me how to read the people.

These streets offer a wide variety of subjects for photography. Every business, nature, culture, drape, facing and look is different from the other. It’s an open repertory for portrait photography. I learn to live, here. I try and find the same life force, gaiety of these people inside my soul. A peek in their world, outstretches my horizons, enlightens my world. What more a person can expect?

Street Photography Sayali Ghotikar, Thane

Street Photography Sayali Ghotikar, Thane

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