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An exotic slideshow

Baiju Patil
Baiju Patil Famous Wildlife photographer Baiju Patil is doing wildlife photography since 13-15 years for pleasure and had visited almost all national parks in India. The variety, beauty, grandeur and of course the 'action' in national parks and forests amazes him every time. His aim is to click the 'best, creative and unique' photograph every time. Being an artist, it helps him a lot when it comes to the selection of color combination, background and light effects. He was a national level player of Long tennis, swimming and Kho-Kho and also won medals. His book WILDSCAPE has been launched recently. He is honored with various prestigious national and International Awards awards. Environmental Forum of India, Saevus-Yes Bank Award, Vir Bhagat Singh Award, Marathwada Bhushan, RBS - Sanctuary award for the Best Wildlife Photographer - 2010 , Cannon Photographer of the year, Wild Maharashtra Photographer of the Year, WWF, Picasso ,n w f , u s . Big Picture,San Francisco, are the few to name. http://www.baijuwildlife.com

Translation - Sanghmitra Bendkhale

An exotic slideshow Baiju Patil

An opportunity to meet the famous bird and wildlife photographer, Mr. Baiju Patil, presented itself while attending an exotic slideshow of his amazing clicks. Sleekly sliding images were hinting of Google screensaver. The audience was so indulged in the beauty of these photographs that all the technical questions like model of camera, type of lens and editing software; were long forgotten. The only words ever spoken were, “Wow! Amazing”!

For almost 15 years, Baijuji is exploring the world of wildlife photography. His art knows no boundaries and thus he has travelled globally, in all the seasons; may it be frosting cold or burning sun. Photographing the nature has been his only passion and drive.

Baijuji was brought up in the historic city of Aurangabad. He used to observe and learn the camera operations from travelers and foreign visitors to the city. Love of art was never diminished for him while pursuing his degree in commerce. In his early days, he painted the colors of nature; but then the time constraints and the will to capture unending scenarios of bountiful nature, made him to give up the brush and hold a camera.

An exotic slideshow Baiju Patil

“Technical knowledge of camera is of prime importance in wildlife photography, but you must study the behavioral patterns of the animals and birds, know the jungles and acquire skills to obtain the best natural light for a good click…” He was telling the audience.

Bharatpur bird sanctuary is one of his favorite places, almost a second home. He has spends hours and days, roaming in those jungles, observing the variety it has to offer and click the best shots.

Bharatpur sanctuary offers great habitat for aquatic birds. This is where he clicked “Save Yes Bank’s” award winning photograph of Cormorants. Cormorants show a peculiar fishing behavior. They grab the fish and toss it in the air, only to gulp it down the throat. We can see the dark necked Cormorant and the white-golden fish it holds, in this picture. Matching the speed of Cormorant’s movements, fish, lighting pattern and background was the real difficult task. But to his dedication and will, he was awaiting this opportunity for 10 days, staying near the lake.

An exotic slideshow Baiju Patil

The other tight, sharp focused frame of Bengal Tiger cubs is an award winner at the honorable Wild Life Federation (WWF, USA) wildlife photography competition 2013. The Bengal Tiger cubs growl and chase each other while playing by the lake. In this click, the cross soft light reflecting from the water has given a beautiful soft background.

Baijuji’s observations are keen and detail oriented; thus precious. His picture of Little Egrets’ colony, shot in the night is the winner of Sanctuary RBS Wildlife Awards 2009. It was taken at Kajgipura, near Aurangabad. The egrets are residing on two of the trees in the lake. Baijuji used slow shutter and flash lights from both the sides. Thus the picture has a beautiful image and its marvelous reflection.

To capture this abundant beauty of nature, one has to reach out to the wild, leaving behind the cities and towns. And away from the huzzle-buzzle of human colonies, in the heart of wild jungles or at the ardent mountain tops; nature lays its beauty to be explored. But to click this beauty, complete and ascetic devotion and dedication is a must.

An exotic slideshow Baiju Patil

Another of his famous and 2012 Sanctuary Award winner click is that of Pangong Tso, Laddakh. Tso is Laddakhi for lake. Water of Pangong Tso is almost freezing and Baijuji stepped in it wearing just the track-pants and T-shirt with his waterproof SLR; just to get an eye level click of flying gulls. He was frozen and had to stay in a hospital for a week, but the prize for this is the enchanting click of blue sky, mountain ranges touching the horizon, crystal clear water and flying gulls; all in a single click!

In the fields Lasur near Aurangabad, Baijuji clicked a territorial fight between Fan Throated Lizards. This photo was taken with 100 mm micro lens, which seems unbelievable; unless we know how he made it. He studied the lifestyle, movements, territories and habitats of lizards for 3 years. And the real award for this hardship and study was this amazing click of the territorial fight!

An exotic slideshow Baiju Patil

Of course one gets curious about the technique and camera settings used for these awe inspiring snaps. Usually he uses Auto WB, Aperture Priority, Non VR, Crop body, Prime lens, raw settings. And he prefers Low and spot lighting.

Curiosity and desire of knowledge is the heart of an artist’s life. If this heart beats inside us, the nature showers its beauty. Baijuji’s exotic slideshow explains the same thing: we can relish upon the beauty nature if we hold patience, love and gratefulness in our hearts.

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