1) Editorial 2) Life - A game of Light and... 3) Creative Nature Photogra... 4) Tasvir Banaata Huu.. 5) Wondering in a Jungle... 6) On the trail of birds... 7) American Dreamscape 8) Oh yeah! It’s Australia! 9) Street & People Photogra... 10) Ima Bazaar 11) Reflections 12) Observation@work 13) Wari! 14) Anandwari 15) Street Photography 16) Astrophotography 17) An exotic slideshow 18) Slideshow 19) Photography... 20) Splendid views of Mount... 21) Himachal – the land of... 22) Cinematographer 23) Photography... 24) Interview 25) Slideshow- Adhik... 27) Slidesow- Yuvraj Gurjar 28) Image Maker 29) Expressive Fractals 30) Guru 31) Vicious circle 32) Interview- Hari Mahidhar 33) A Letter to Mr. Adhik... 34) Slideshow- Hari Mahidhar 35) Interview- Vikram Bawa

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Baiju Patil
Baiju Patil Famous Wildlife photographer Baiju Patil is doing wildlife photography since 13-15 years for pleasure and had visited almost all national parks in India. The variety, beauty, grandeur and of course the 'action' in national parks and forests amazes him every time. His aim is to click the 'best, creative and unique' photograph every time. Being an artist, it helps him a lot when it comes to the selection of color combination, background and light effects. He was a national level player of Long tennis, swimming and Kho-Kho and also won medals. His book WILDSCAPE has been launched recently. He is honored with various prestigious national and International Awards awards. Environmental Forum of India, Saevus-Yes Bank Award, Vir Bhagat Singh Award, Marathwada Bhushan, RBS - Sanctuary award for the Best Wildlife Photographer - 2010 , Cannon Photographer of the year, Wild Maharashtra Photographer of the Year, WWF, Picasso ,n w f , u s . Big Picture,San Francisco, are the few to name. http://www.baijuwildlife.com

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