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Expressive Fractals

Jyoti Rane
Jyoti Rane is an architecture & interior designing consultant for 22 years. Within these artistic years she fell for camera and photography has been a hobby since. She loves fine-art photography and is pursuing the same. Jyoti has been an indispensable part of no. of exhibitions since she has begun with the Fractal Arts. She is an admirer of all the art forms, not forgetting the Indian classical music.

Expressive Fractals Jyoti Rane, Thane

“When buying from an artist, you are buying more than just an object/painting.
You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation.
You are buying days, weeks and months of frustration and moments of PURE JOY.
You aren’t just buying a thing, you are buying a piece of heart,
part of soul, a moment of someone’s life.
Most importantly, you’re buying the artist’s more time to do something he is passionate about”
– by Anonymous

The global burgeoning movement of art is exciting. The times are blessed with technical inventions and the impact of digital technology has transformed art activities like painting, drawings, sculptures, music sound etc. under its umbrella. Digital art or Fractal art is a general term, all inclusive of various types and ranges of artworks & practices which use digital technology. Digital technology is an essential part of the creative process in Fractal arts. This entirely new realm of art can be called contemporary abstract design with the help of digital technology.

Expressive Fractals Jyoti Rane, Thane

When I was asked to write an article, I couldn’t help but wondering as how can I write about digital art in Photography journal. But upon giving it a second thought I realized, photography too, is an art form. Every photographer is an artist within. He composes every click like a painter or an artist, considering the available light, colours, shades and compositions.

Expressive Fractals Jyoti Rane, Thane

Digital art or Fractal art was serendipity for me. While surfing through internet, I came across highly impressive artworks of a German artist. It was an altogether new art form for me. I liked the style, the abstracts, colours, lights and shade effects which he has used. I was so mesmerised by it, that I read a lot about it, found relevant software and downloaded them just to start learning them. But my volume of research and experimentation, tedious efforts and hard work, paid off well! My beginnings were tough with lots of failures. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every new attempt that I made. I would share it with my friends and ask for their comments, may them be positive or negative. Some would appreciate it and some would not understand what is done exactly. Positive comments boosted my motivation and elevated my interests. All the while I kept attempting, again and again, and slowly I began to get satisfactory results.

Expressive Fractals Jyoti Rane, Thane

Fractals and flames are integral parts of Digital/Fractal art. These are created by using mathematical formulas by the software, hence have infinite possibilities. Unlike digital photographs, they can be zoomed in or out limitlessly only to be viewed in ever increasing details. They are infinite in two distinct senses, the macro level and the micro level. Fractals are the shapes, which are similar in details at many different sizes and scales. Even a small piece of the fractal shape shows small copies of the overall large fractal shape. It’s a never ending pattern.

Generally fractal is created using a fractal generating software, where the program sets the appropriate parameters of fractal software, executes possibly lengthy calculations and evaluates the product. It has an amazing diversity of form, colour and light. Simplifying, one can say, fractal is a graphical representation of a mathematical equation. An image thus created represents results of mathematical calculations, which is generated by changing their values.

Expressive Fractals Jyoti Rane, Thane

Fractals are a part of our day to day life. They surround us. Nature is full of fractals, in fern leaves, trees, spider webs, snowflakes, rivers, coastlines, mountains, clouds, seashells etc.

Flames are algorithmically generated images. The software is widely used to create art and special effects. The shape and colour of each image is specified by a long string of numbers – a genetic code of sorts.
When I started exploring the fractals and flames, I was amazed to see the results.

A painter conceives an idea in his mind; and incubates it before he holds the brush. But in fractal art you explore an unknown territory without any knowledge of how a particular fractal will behave, what might come out of it or whether your results will be satisfactory. These surprises are even more inspiring to me. You can get surprisingly beautiful results once you begin to explore the fractals and that’s the beauty of this art form. This kind of automatism, automatic writing driven by the unconscious, is very interesting. I prefer and like to use this automatism in my creative endeavours to express my thoughts. Fractal art is a process of

Expressive Fractals Jyoti Rane, Thane

creating a series of inspiring and associative shapes on transparent layers and then combining them to form a subtle arrangement to create an image. Light plays a very important role. You have to keep developing the flame and bring the best out of it. But as you go deeper, sometimes, it may get complicated and confusing. A broader view enables us to visualize numerous expressions, which keep us going. It’s a creative process of improvisation or calculated planning.

The softwares used, have features for creating and editing fractals and flames by manipulating triangles. They also allow the colour adjustments, image placement, zoom and light adjustment.

You create an element of surprise by yourself. I call this a process of self-invention.

I create images, which I want to be displayed on a wall, to which every viewer can relate, connect!

Expressive Fractals Jyoti Rane, Thane

Nowadays, many internet galleries hold online exhibits, which give a global exposure to the artists. Lot of competitions are held where you can submit a soft copy of your art, making it easier and economical for an artist. I sent some of my artworks casually to one of the online exhibit competitions - Digital Arts: California, where a lot of famous artists, from all over the world, participate. Surprisingly, I received the Stellar Art Award. This unsought-after-appreciation motivates me to work more and more in this field.

I am fortunate and grateful to be living in an age, where digital technology is available to me.

Fractal artworks and animations are extensively used by media, advertising industry and film industry.

Like photography, fractal art too, needs protection from copying and infringement. We have to be careful while uploading the artwork on internet and safeguard it using watermarks.

Expressive Fractals Jyoti Rane, Thane

Expressive Fractals Jyoti Rane, Thane

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